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Massage Services

Swedish MassageSee Info

Traditional Swedish techniques to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation and induce a state of total relaxation.

30 Minutes: $55.00

60 Minutes: $75.00

90 Minutes: $95.00

Deep Tissue Massage See Info

Therapeutic massage using many of the same movements as Swedish, but integrating a variety of deeper more penetrating techniques.

30 Minutes: $60.00

60 Minutes: $80.00

90 Minutes: $100.00

Mother-To-Be Massage See Info

2nd and 3rd trimester only

A very relaxing massage designed to nurture an expecting mother. This will relieve normal discomforts during pregnancy and promote healing postpartum.

30 Minutes: $55.00

60 Minutes: $75.00

90 Minutes: $95.00

Reflexology See Info

A pressure point technique performed on the feet and/or hands, based on ancient traditions and the principle of energy zones that run throughout the body. Those points correspond with all of your body's major systems inducing deep relaxation and improved circulation.

30 Minutes: $55.00

60 Minutes: $75.00

Aromatherapy Massage See Info

A customized Swedish massage with the added therapeutic benefits of aromatic, herbal essential oils. This massage is designed to elevate your mood, relax your body, and induce a sense of well-being.

60 Minutes: $80.00

Hot Stone Therapy See Info

Hot stone therapy is a powerful massage using heated stones which are applied to the body to bring relief to sore/stiff muscles. It helps to release tension and bring about a more balanced flow of energy.

60 Minutes: $95.00

Sa-Mas-Su (Sauna-Massage-Sauna) See Info

Enhance your massage experience by relaxing in our lava rock sauna before and after your massage. The dry warmth of the sauna heats the skin, opens the pores, and releases toxins. It improves blood circulation and increases metabolism.

90 Minutes: $105.00